INTAGROS offers customers and investors worldwide, advice in the areas of planning and management of agricultural projects. We also train producers so that they can adapt to the latest developments in agricultural technologies, methods of cultivation, harvesting, post-harvest, and marketing.

At INTAGROS, we start each project with the development of a Master Plan that includes a thorough study of the economic feasibility of the project, and the choice of a sustainable agricultural model to implement.


We deliver a fully functioning Project

We specialize in the development and execution of" turn-key" greenhouse projects. Our team and partners will design, develop, supply, and install every system that the project requires, in any country in the world.


We help you understand and overcome challenges 

Our more than 60 years of experience in the agricultural industry allows us to offer top quality advice and support to our customers, providing a fundamental guide in their decision-making.

With a holistic, innovative vision and using the most advanced technology, we provide a tailored service, with strong professional expertise at all stages of the project.

Our professionals ensure maximum professionalism in the analysis and execution of services required for each project.


Together we will keep track of all variables affecting the project

Multiple variables will affect the management of an agricultural project; technical, economic, legislative, etc. For these reasons, farm owners must work with outside professional services with the latest techniques and tools that allow them to centralize the management of their operations to optimize profitability.


Your facilities and products will comply with the highest International

 quality requierments

Certification of agricultural facilities and products are an increasing demand by distributors and clients.

With our certification partners, we can help farmers:

  • Proof to clients (distributors, intermediaries, importers) that their product is produced using good agricultural practices.
  • Inspire consumer confidence.
  • Guaranteed access to markets.
  • Improve operational efficiency and market competitiveness.


We shall teach you everything you need to know to master to greenhouse o Olive farm

We develop specific training models for greenhouses and olive oil production, where farmers are trained in modern farming methods and new agricultural technologies while managing their business.

The programs are designed to meet the specific needs of farmers who participate in them. Technological aspects, including issues devoted to irrigation and fertilization, soilless culture, phytosanitary control, HVAC systems, crop management, and economic and environmental analysis, are also studied.

The course is a target for farmers, field technicians, students and all those professionals linked to the greenhouse business who are looking to acquire the knowledge and skills to seek innovative solutions that help increase the productivity, improve the quality of agricultural products and improve the overall profitability of each greenhouse and the olive tree farm.