An international company specialized in Agricultural Projects:

  • Hydroponic and Traditional Greenhouses.
  • Design, development, and management of Olive tree plantations.
  • Production and marketing of olive oil.

With offices in Spain and the United States, INTAGROS offers technical consulting services for investors, farmers, and entrepreneurs who wish to develop their agro-business


The Almeria Agricultural Business Model


The Almeria agricultural model is an example of success based on work, effort, and resilience. Against all natural odds, it has become one of the biggest suppliers of fresh vegetables in Europe. For this reason, the city of Almeria ( Andalusia, Spain ) is home to the research centers of the world’s leading agricultural companies and one of Europe’s leading Greenhouse designers and manufacturers.


On the other hand, Spain produces 39% of all Olive oil worldwide and Andalusia has the largest area of olive groves and olive oil production in Spain, thus the biggest production of high quality olive oil in the world


Together with our industrial partners, we account for over 60 years managing agricultural projects, always offering the latest technology that meets all quality and efficiency requirements, to ensure maximum profitability.

Our Services

Greenhouses  -  Olive Tree  -  Farm Projects  -  Professional Services

Greenhouses- Productivity and Effeciency


INTAGROS develops an essential activity as manager of turnkey projects.


We support our customers and agricultural investors throughout the entire process; 


  • Developing economic and feasibility studies

  • Defining and planning the necessary engineering and all other essential elements related to the optimal development and implementation of the project

  • Training technical teams and farm staff in the country where the project is developed

  • Advising management teams to obtain the highest profitability

Olive Oil Production

Our experience managing olive oil projects, allows us to advise owners and managers, in defining strategies, and objectives for their business model, to obtain maximum profitability.

Our team of professionals will help you in the following specific areas: 

  • Business plan and project strategy

  • New Olive Plantations

  • Olive Growing Techniques

  • Design and management of oil mills

  • Buying and selling farms and oil mills

  • Brand and product development

  • Olive Oil Tourism, Marketing, and Communication Projects

Professional Support

  • Turn-Key Projects
    We deliver a fully functioning project

  • Consultancy
    We help you understand and overcome challenges

  •  Project Management
    Together we will keep track of all variables affecting the project

  • Certification
    Your facilities and products will comply with the highest international quality requirements

  • Training
    We will teach you everything you need to know to master greenhouse or olive tree maintenance