· It is celebrated from April 23 to 28, 2022

· This action organized by the International area of ​​the Chamber has the collaboration of the TECNOVA Foundation, which considers Miami a strategic point to reach all of Latin America, and the University of Almería, which will present a collaboration agreement with the Florida International University (FIU). ,

Almería, April 22, 2022.- The Almería Chamber of Commerce, through the International area and in collaboration with the agricultural company Intagros USA, based in Miami, will start a DIRECT MISSION TO THE US tomorrow, Saturday, to publicize the sector of the auxiliary industry of agriculture in the American market; a mission to be held between April 23 and 28, 2022.

This action aims to publicize the technological greenhouse model of Almería, with automated climate control, fertigation control, with a broad concept of circular economy and completely sustainable energy.

The companies that will attend this commercial mission and of which the bulk will receive a grant of 2,500 euros for their participation in this action, are:


This cameral action has the support and collaboration of the TECNOVA Foundation, which considers Miami a strategic point to reach all of Latin America.

In this mission organized by the Almería Chamber of Commerce, the presence of the University of Almería also stands out, as it will present a collaboration agreement with the Florida International University (FIU), in different areas of interest for both institutions and their students. In this initial phase, the two universities will focus on:

· Joint research projects

· Exchange students

Develop a Dual Doctorate Program

The central part of the agenda will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, with important activities and business meetings.


Monday April 25

Visit to Florida International University (FIU). During this day, work sessions will be held where representatives of the UAL, FIU researchers and the participating companies share the different lines of research that they are working on, with the aim of establishing synergies and mixed work groups that favor the development of these lines of research and potential development of joint patents.

In the second part of the day, the exclusive facility within the FIU Campus called “The Wind Wall” will be visited, one of the most advanced centers in the world where even Force 5 hurricanes (252 km/h) can be simulated. for the study of structures and materials.

There will also be a presentation of the Technological Model of greenhouses in Almeria, which will also be attended by students interested in agriculture and technology from FIU.

Tuesday April 26

Throughout the morning, companies from Almería will make a presentation of the Almería model and how each of them contributes to making it an example worldwide. Let us remember that the Almeria Model has been considered by the FAO as a reference example in sustainability and fully aligned with the 17 UN Sustainability goals. Each company will answer key questions about the benefits of the Almería Agricultural Model.

This event, which will be held entirely in English, will be attended by agricultural companies and potential investors from the United States, such as fresh produce distributors, researchers from the public and private sectors, investment funds, Miami authorities and various municipalities in the state of Florida. , who are very interested in knowing the advantages that the Almería Model can bring to their communities.

At the end of the presentation, attendees will hold meetings with companies from Almeria, to advance potential joint ventures.

Wednesday, April 27

Homestead area will be visited. This is the most important agricultural area in South Miami, to see the first greenhouse of the Almería model that has already been built and is managed by the non-profit organization Redland Ahead, which will soon offer its first harvest of vegetables.

Throughout the mission, the Almeria companies will visit the main supermarket chains in Miami and will be able to analyze the local supply of vegetables with their corresponding prices and presentations of how they are marketed.

This international action of the Almería Chamber of Commerce is part of the International Promotion Plan program within the framework of the FEDER POCINT of these regions, for the period 2014-2020, being co-financed 80% by the European Development Fund. Regional (FEDER) and 20% by the Almería Chamber of Commerce.